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Turning circle rules

turning circle


Using The Turning Circle.

A quick reminder to families and carers about the rules of the turning circle.

The turning circle aims for the drop off to be quick!

  • There is a 3 minute time limit. 
  • You must stay within 3 metres of your car. 
  • Move up to make space for everyone.
  • Do not overtake other cars, wait until those in front of you move off

For safety reasons.

  •  Please ask your child to exit from the left side of the car where there is no traffic. If this isn't possible a parent needs to open the door and help them move to the curb safely.
  • Let them out within the drop off signs.
  • Walk small children to the steps.
  • Please do not walk across the turning circle. The children watch and copy your example so walk on the path provided.


The turning circle and carparks are closed from 2:30 - 3:15pm daily. This is for student safety reasons. If it is an emergency you are permitted to enter, if doing so please close the chain behind you as you drive through.  

Thank you for helping make the turning circle safe and workable for everyone using it.


The school carparks are for the use of school staff, COOSH staff and approved visitors/contractors. Parking spaces are already limited and are required throughout the day for staff.

Please do not use the carparks between 8am and 4pm (disability permit holders excepted) on school days.