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Religion and ethics

NSW schools offer special religious education and special education in ethics. Approved providers deliver these, where available.

The Education Act 1990 states 'in every government school, time is to be allowed for the religious education of children of any religious persuasion'. Special education in ethics (SEE) is offered as a secular alternative to special religious education (SRE).

Special religious education (SRE) is education in the beliefs and practices of an approved religious persuasion. Special education in ethics (SEE) is a program in ethical decision making, action and reflection within a secular framework.  'Alternative Meaningful Activities' may also be known as 'non-SRE'.

Students not attending SRE or SEE are to be provided with supervised 'Alternative Meaningful Activities'. These activities do not compete with SRE/SEE and are not  lessons in the curriculum. Suitable activities may include reading, private study, completing homework or other activities as considered to be appropriate by the school community.

Our school currently offers:

  • Anglican Christian SRE which is provided by teachers who are authorised and trained by the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. The curriculum can be viewed at
  • Catholic SRE ~ The Catholic Church sees the education of Catholic children in the Faith as integral and key to its mission. Click here for Information on the curriculum
  • Non Scripture
  • Primary Ethics SEE ~ (waiting lists apply) Primary Ethics is the approved provider of Special Education in Ethics (SEE) in NSW public primary schools. For more information about the program, visit our information for schools page or Curriculum information. 

Write to the school if you wish to withdraw your child from special religious education, sometimes known as scripture. Special education in ethics is an option for your primary-age child if you withdraw them from special religious education. For more information, visit Religion and ethics.

Use the attached form if you wish to nominate or change your child's participation in SRE / SEE.